Amal Maher

Amal Maher – 19 February 1985
Started singing in 1988 at age of 13 in a lot of important national celebrations. The great Musician Mohamed El Melegy discovered her after watching her performance in a school concert , she left school to join Arab Music Institute.

Salah Aram listened to her voice in Musical Syndicate tests and then introduced her to the legend Ammar ElShereiy who chose her to participate in “Oum Kalthoum” Series.

Esaalni Ana 2006
Aaraf Menin 2011
Welad El Naharda 2015

She has an unique experience in Gulf Music with great poets and musicians.

Gulf Albums:
Fe Gher ElZaman 2002
Samihny Ya Habiby 2014

Music Videos:
Benak w Benha – Directed by Tarek Al Arian
Ana Baadak – Directed by Saeed El Marouk
Ya Masr – Directed by Ahmad El Mahdy
Rayeh Beya Fen – Directed by Sherif Sabry
Touba Fo’ Touba – Directed by Ahmad El Mahdy

Her most important concerts
Her first concert on the stage of Egypt Opera House in 2000 and Although she was so young she proved her talent in presence of a lot of important political and musical figures.

In 2009 she performed in the opening ceremony of “Bayt ElDeen” festival in Lebanon in presence of the president Al-Imad Micheal Soliman.

In 2010 she opened Holland’s Arts festival on “Royal Carre” Theatre and the tickets were sold out two weeks before the date of concert and the “Oster Park” where the concert broadcasted was full of audience.

In 2012 she threw “Aaraf Menin” album’s concert in “Sa’yet ElSawy”.

In 2014 she performed in a lot of important concerts.

Arab Music Festival closing ceremony.

Talal’s Honoring ceremony with Abady ElGohar.

Febrayer Kuwait with Mohammed Abdu.

Oum Kalthoum Memorial in Muscat’s Royal Opera House in Oman.

Movie Trailers:
Ya Einy Aleiky Ya Teiba from “Khyana Mashroua Movie”
Ana Baasha El Ghona from “ElHayah Montaha ElLaza Movie”
Zekraytna from “Regata Movie”

– Awlad ElShawarea
– Qadyet Ra’y Aam
– Emaret Yaqoubyan
– Fe Ead Amina
– El Daaya

– Enta Aghla Mn Hayaty
– El Hera
– Sokn El Leal
– Makank
– Ehtramy Lel Haramy
– Lel Zein Ser featuring Abd El Maged Abdulla
– Youmin
– ElHob Ellazy Kan

– Murex D’or 2010
– Dear Guest 2012
– Nomination for World Music Award 2012


Band Members


Mostafa Aslan

Lead Singer/Rythm Guitar


Yehia Ghanam

Lead Guitar


Ahmed Refat



Ahmed Rabe'